Septic System Pumping

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Septic System Pumping in Western Mass

Fletcher Sewer and Drain offers septic system pumping in Western Mass. Our crews are certified to clean and pump any and all residential or commercial septic tanks. Septic tank maintenance is required to prevent malfunction of the system as well as to prevent sewage buildups (wastewater backups).

Although many variables come into play when determining a maintenance schedule such as average water volume, total members of a household, the size of the tank itself, etc.

In most situations, a septic system should be pumped and serviced every 3-5 years. When you pump your septic tank, it removes the solids and sludge that sit at the bottom of your tank, and therefore out of your system. If this is not completed with routine tank maintenance, the sludge pileup becomes too high and it may clog the entire drainage system, including the tank outlet pipe.

Your tank’s outlet pipe is where the separated liquids flow out into the leech field, leaving the solids behind to be pumped.

Title 5 Inspections


Title 5 inspections of septic tanks are mandatory in every home or commercial property in Massachusetts with a septic tank system. This means that if you are buying a home, selling your current home, refinancing your home, buying a commercial property, refinancing a commercial property, or retitling a commercial property with a septic tank -you’ll need a Title 5 inspection.

At Fletcher Sewer and Drain have been performing Title 5 inspections collectively for years. When you apply for a Title 5 inspection, it will first involve a thorough inspection of the way the septic system’s hydraulics are operating. Our staff will then test the individual water components and make sure that the initial installation and construction was performed correctly, in order to identify any signs of a failed system. Based on what our team finds during the initial inspection, we may request additional information or documentation, to confidently assess the entire situation. Once we complete this step, we can verify that your system is in accordance with the current Massachusetts standards and regulations.

What we look for during a Title 5 Inspection

● Our team will look at the current liquid and hard waste levels
● The setup of the structural integrity of the tank as well as the cesspool
● The condition of the piping
● The condition of the walls within the septic tank


What we could find during a Title 5 Inspection

  • Pass: The septic system is up to date and compliant with current Massachusetts standards. If this is the case, no further action is necessary.
  • Contingent Pass: Our inspector noticed a few things that must be fixed in order for your septic tank to pass a Title 5 inspection. If this is the case, we will explain what the necessary repairs consist of. Contingent upon you as the home or business owner, fixing these repairs and it has been recorded and documented correctly, only then will we be able to pass your system.
  • Fail: If someone from the Fletcher Sewer and Drain team notices that there are major problems with the septic system it becomes a fail. Should these issues arise, they must be addressed within two years, even if your residential/commercial property transfers ownership.

Environmental Regulations

Every septic tank must be registered with the Environmental Agency, and the good thing is that it only
will ever need to be registered once. With Fletcher Sewer and Drain, all wastewater and materials will be
disposed of professionally and safely according to environmental regulations.
One way to keep your septic environment happy and healthy is to grow patches of grass directly above your septic system so that it can hold the drain field in place. Try to avoid growing large plants or trees that can develop roots over your septic tank, because this will make it more difficult to dig up the ground when we go and inspect your tank.

Something’s not right with my Septic System

Have you begun to notice a change in your bathroom’s water pressure lately? Is your toilet taking longer
to flush? If you think your home or business is on the brink of a septic catastrophe, call Fletcher Sewer
and Drain if you start to see any of the following warning signs:

● You can see a pool of water form over your septic tank outside
● A foul odor is coming from your sinks or drains whenever you operate a washing machine,
garbage disposal, or toilet system
● You hear gurgling water every time you turn on a water feature
● There is a visible blockage in your drain
● Your sewer system is clogged
● There is a stench coming from your backyard

Routine maintenance with Fletcher Sewer and Drain

Regular maintenance of these septic systems is not only offered but highly recommended to prevent future emergencies. The team at Fletcher Sewer and Drain can schedule your routine maintenance for your septic tank ahead of time so that your home can stay on track.
To go the extra mile with helping to maintain your home or business’s septic tank, you, yourself, can do the following:

● Make sure that your tank lids are easily accessible
● When not in use or being serviced, make sure that your tank lids are shut and sealed to avoid
any leakage or excess materials leaving or coming in
● Have a system that directs the water from your roof away from your septic system and away
from your drain field
● Be water conscious

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