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Any Drain Line - Any Blockage

Our Services in Western Massachusetts

At Fletcher Sewer and Drain, our service range from clearing out septic tank blockages, to draining household or commercial lines. We also perform scheduled routine maintenance inspections to ensure that your commercial or residential septic and drain line system are in top notch shape. Our technicians travel all over Western Massachusetts to keep our communities healthy and safe by taking care of any and all sewer and drain needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment for any of our services listed below!


  • Household Main Sewers
  • Storm Drain Systems
  • Exterior Main Pipe Lines 
  • Septic Pipe Lines


  • Septic Tank Blockages
  • Sewer Line backing up in the basement
  • Tree root growth cut out and maintained
  • Heavy debris/buildup cleared and line re-inspected
  • Hydrojetting to blast away tough grease
  • Non-hazardous disposal


  • Annual or Semi-Annual inspections of any line
  • Hydrojetting of Grease/kitchen lines
  • Removal of buildup before the line has a backup
  • Visually verify repairs, line location, & depth
  • Scheduled snaking of lines with a history of roots


Tree roots growing into your main sewer? Most people are surprised to hear just how commonplace this is. Camera inspections of drain lines aren’t just for those wondering whether or not their line has damage – although they are perfect for that, too! We don’t sit by and let chronic problems run wild while our customers aren’t aware of the cause. Once we get your backed up sewer line to drain, we will always perform a camera inspection to make sure you aren’t dealing with a major issue that will have you calling us back ASAP. We even provide you with a copy of the video for both structural documentation and your own peace of mind.


For the most complete, comprehensive, and thorough inspections physically possible of large (over 6” in diameter) drain lines, Fletcher Sewer & Drain has its CCTV Camera division. Our dedicated vehicles are equipped with the latest in P.A.C.P. inspection software, as well as robotic camera systems used by trained and certified CCTV operators. Municipal sewer systems, catch basins for storm water, or just large residential or commercial property drains that run for hundreds of feet – If something needs to be inspected, we will not only find it; we’ll supply you with a full, comprehensive report detailing everything about it!